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From the albumNite Spice: aboutus1.jpgNite Spice: aboutus1.jpg Latest PostsMerediths restaurant closing after 10 years
Fri 08:48PM
Wellington's Matterhorn closing its doors after 54 years. First opened in 1963
Mon 03:41PM
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Thanks DineOut
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Dine & Dash
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Napier/Hawkes Bay best eats?
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Free meal for Returned servicemen + women on Anzac Day
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The Critic and The Pig - WatchME
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Dog-friendly cafés in Christchurch?
Wed 07:44AM
Metro Top 50 Restaurants
Sun 03:18AM
The Grove's Michael Dearth talk about service
Tue 12:53AM
Bluff Oysters
Tue 11:56PM
Long Bay Restaurant (Auckland)
Mon 03:19PM
Auckland fine-dining restaurant Vinnies to close its doors after 27 years
Sun 08:13AM
The Taste Plate (was Bowmans)
Sun 08:01AM
CJD & TMouse,so zomato takes money to have bad reviews removed !
Mon 01:50PM
Taste of Egypt staff underpaid by $65K and worked 70 hours a week
Tue 01:18PM
Auckland Indian restaurant chain to give free Christmas meals on Christmas Day.
Sun 04:05PM
Spat over negative review becomes abusive
Thu 08:59PM

DineOut Polls

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What new features would you like added to DineOut in 2013?

Add photos to reviews
Follow a reviewer (email when they review)
Online booking of restaurants
'Community' acceptance (or removal) of reviews
Better polls where you can vote on more than one item at a time (you can vote again tomorrow)
Events Calendar
Add reviews from your mobile phone/device
Better forum post editor (images etc)
Better reviewer profile pages
Login using your facebook account
Value for money score on reviews
Browse by map / See nearby restaurants
Inclusion of fast food joints in the restaurants list

What's the best night for dining out?

36.59%Every day!
492 votes registered

What do you call them?

84.26%Waiter / Waitress
5.56%Hey You or Oi!
3.70%I just snap my fingers
108 votes registered

What do you honestly expect when a restaurant makes a mistake with your meal?

81.15%a sincere apology and replacement
9.03%a replacement meal and discount
7.46%a replacement meal for free
2.36%a free replacement meal and a discount off the rest
764 votes registered

Which of these would you find the hardest to do for more than a week?

9.81%Vegitarian or vegan
7.48%Low-Carb (or high protien)
5.14%100 mile diet (local food only)
57.94%Raw food only
214 votes registered

Which is the worst vegetable?

36.16%Brussels sprouts (nanocabbages) cooked till they melt/ooze
9.73%Cabbage, boiled for no less than 30 minutes
12.47%Celery (come on, you know it's bad!)
4.24%Beetroot in all it's blood red glory
1.75%Green beans, fresh or thawed
35.66%Frozen mixed veges from your supermarket
401 votes registered

How would you like your steak cooked tonight?

3.65%Well Done
7.31%No thanks
301 votes registered

Welcome, what would you like for breakfast/brunch today?

16.72%Big Breakfast (the bit-of-everything fry-up)
12.32%Pancakes (sweet or savoury)
8.80%French toast (sweet or savoury)
8.50%Muesli, oatmeal or some other 'healthy' option
36.07%Eggs (scrambled, poached, fried) on toast and some bacon and/or mushrooms on the side
9.97%Corn fritters with sour cream
4.99%Omelette with a choice of fillings
2.64%I don't do brunch
341 votes registered

Where do you buy your smallgoods from?

5.66%Farmers market (etc.)
4.40%Other (farm, blokes at pub, etc)
8.18%I'm a vegetarian, so nowhere
0.63%I don't do the shopping
159 votes registered

What's your preferred cup of coffee?

7.75%Short Espresso
15.01%Long Espresso
26.88%Flat White
14.29%Cafe Latte
1.45%Iced Coffee
10.90%Hate them all
413 votes registered

Foodiefoodie wants to know what you had for lunch today (and this week)

10.84%Sushi, sashimi, bento box or rice balls
6.50%Pie, sausage roll, hot pastry goodness
3.41%Drive thru or take-out junk food (you now regret buying)
7.12%Lunch bar sammies, filled rolls and cakes
10.22%Cafe-style lunch (or brunch)
13.31%Leftovers from last night - hot, cold or room temperature
32.82%Home made lunch - something awesome, or maybe something dull
7.74%Something else entirely
323 votes registered

Which wine with your dinner this evening?

17.68%Pinot Noir
12.71%Syrah (Shiraz)
3.31%Cabernet Sauvignon
5.52%Some other red
17.68%Sauvignon Blanc
11.60%Some other white
2.76%Bubbly (plonk or Champagne!)
8.84%Wine? Yuk.
181 votes registered

What would you think if you saw a mother breastfeeding her baby in the restaurant where you were having dinner?

58.17%I would have no problem with it whatsoever - breast is best!
30.33%So long as it was kept discrete, then there is no problem
3.72%I don't approve, but it wouldn't upset me
7.33%I disapprove - they should go elsewhere (toilets or car or somewhere else)
0.45%I have never had to think/deal with this situation, so I just don't know
887 votes registered

What's the scariest restaurant environment?

23.71%Hens Party
7.90%Stag Do
12.71%World Cup / Super 14 Rugby
2.06%Olympic curling finals live on the big screen
291 votes registered

What's your new years resolution?

17.21%Eat more!
36.07%Eat Less
10.66%Learn to cook
5.74%Marry a chef
18.03%Find the perfect crème brûlée
12.30%Discover which meal best matches my $6 bottle of pinot noir
122 votes registered

Crikey! It's less than a month till Christmas! Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?

21.43%Yes, I'm all set for Christmas morning!
20.41%Yes, well, kind of. Mostly done, a few last minute gifts to find still.
21.43%Yes, a bit. I have some but nowhere near all of the gifts on my list!
24.49%No, nowhere near complete and panic is setting in!
12.24%No, will be regifting anything I can find under my bed on the day!
98 votes registered

What's your preference with dinner?

543 votes registered

How is the recession affecting your dining habits?

24.00%Haven't noticed it yet - I still eat out like I did
22.40%Hasn't stopped me eating out, but I notice the restaurants seem quieter
20.80%I still go out, but to 'cheap and cheerful' places, or those with a good DineOut offer
10.40%I go out less often, but prefer to splurge at a top restaurant when I do
16.80%I go out less often AND limit myself to cheap and cheerfuls
5.60%I can't remember the last time I ate out....
125 votes registered

Mmmmmm coffee: Green milk or Blue?

28.21%Green - I prefer the taste of trim milk
3.85%Green - but only cos I think I should cos it's 'healthier', I'd prefer blue
2.56%Blue - because that's the proper way to make coffee, I'd prefer green
65.38%Blue - because the richer milk gives a better flavour AND it textures properly. Yum
78 votes registered

What is easier to forgive?

16.74%Bad Food - if the service is great
48.12%Bad Service - if the food is great
35.15%Bad company - if the restaurant is great
239 votes registered

Should DineOut offer a wine review facility?

58.97%Yes, a stand-alone wine review facility would be fantastic
28.21%Yes, but only as part of a restaurant review
11.28%Not really, I don't like wine. What about beer?
1.54%I only ever buy wine in boxes, no need to rate it as I know what it tastes like
195 votes registered

Would you buy the DineOut Book?

57.32%No. The DineOut website is free, so why would I?
21.46%Only if it was for my region (e.g. Auckland or Canterbury) only
15.91%Only if was for all of New Zealand
5.30%Only if 'my' reviews were in it
396 votes registered

Summer is around the corner, it's BBQ season again. Are you...

36.58%Charcoal is king
38.59%Gas (LPG) is best
7.38%I don't do BBQ
17.45%Don't care as long as someone else is cooking it!
298 votes registered

I'm sorry sir/madam, the chocolate cake has sold out. Can I offer you something else perhaps?

18.94%Lemon Meringue Pie
18.07%Apple Crumble (with custard)
13.12%Ice Cream & Hot Fudge Sauce
20.92%Raspberry Cheesecake
9.28%Pavalova with Kiwifruit & Cream
10.64%The Cheese Board
9.03%No chocolate cake? I'm leaving!
808 votes registered

With winter around the corner, what's your favourite winter dish?

23.41%Hearty stew
23.08%Big bowls of veggie soup
40.47%Roast lamb (or pork etc.) with all the trimmings
6.35%Fish & Chips and a bottle of cheap plonk on a stormy beach
6.69%Same old stuff I was eating all summer!
299 votes registered

What is your dining preference?

4.43%5 star dining establishments, silver service
64.54%5 star food and a great environment
22.16%Cheap and cheerful
8.59%Family restaurants
0.28%Anything with a drive-thru
361 votes registered

Christmas is rolling around, are you doing the traditional home-cooked dinner, or will you be finding a restaurant to do all the hard work for you?

22.87%Staying home and doing all the cooking for the family!
23.40%Heading out to a relatives house for dinner (and maybe helping)
34.57%Looking for a restaurant to make my life easier
19.15%Pray for sunshine - we're having a BBQ!
188 votes registered

How do you usually find out about restaurants that you would like to go to, or have been to?

12.47%Magazines (e.g. Cuisine, Metro, Taste)
50.54%Friends, family & collegues (word of mouth)
19.57%Websites (like DineOut)
12.47%Wandering down the street (random)
4.95%Some other magical method!
465 votes registered

Restaurants claim huge increases in wage costs on public holidays force them to charge a surcharge (normally 15%) to make it worth their while opening on a public holiday. What do you think?

27.87%I have no problem with it, and pay it happily so I can enjoy a meal out on a holiday
21.03%I hate paying it, but can understand the necessity of it so it doesn't stop me dining out
33.25%I refuse to pay it - I will go somewhere that doesn't charge a surcharge, or entertain at home
17.85%I would rather costs were increased very slightly (1-2%) throughout the year
409 votes registered
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