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General Discussion | Dog-friendly cafés in Christchurch?


2nd May 2015
Hi everyone, wondering what cafés/pubs around Christchurch allow dogs in their outdoor areas? There's nothing I love more than sitting outside at a cafe on a gorgeous day, and now that we've got a puppy I'm keen to have him tag along. Thanks in advance!
DineOut Admin
2nd May 2015
St Asaph St Kitchen and Stray Dog Bar are puppy friendly
2nd May 2015
Check out this site:

White House Black get a mention and I've seen dogs in their lovely outdoor seated area. Would have thought most places ok as long as the dog is well behaved and on a leash
The Villas
2nd May 2015
The Villas on Montreal Street are dog friendly too
nulli secundus
DineOut VIP
3rd May 2015
Dot Com Cafe who are immensely popular in Sumner have a dog dish on the pavement right by their outdoor area ...long live the dog !!!....I wonder if I could take my cat down there as well.....meow...
3rd May 2015
St Asaph Stray Dog Bar closed its doors a while ago. We enjoy No. 4 in Merivale. Plenty of outdoor areas and defiantly dog friendly. Also the cafe at Waimari Beach as it has a menu for your precious pooch!
paul and helen
DineOut VIP
4th May 2015
rosebank estate near the groynes is good for dogs, though the waitress did keep a large distance from our dog until she realised what a big softy he is
DineOut VIP
4th May 2015
Terra Viva cafe and deli have a great outdoor area and allow dogs out there. smile :) oh and their food is bloody good!
7th May 2015
C1 is very dog friendly.
7th May 2015
I have been away too long from CHCH and dementia is affecting my judgement, but I remember the Beach cafe was either dog friendly, child friendly, or both
nulli secundus
DineOut VIP
8th May 2015
Yes The Beach café is very pooch and kiddie friendly even with a mini outside playground for the wee ones. Spoose refers to it in her 3 May comments ( the café at Waimari ) Do come back and visit Christchurch... you will find we are re emerging with heaps of new places to coffee out at ...and lots of spare land around the Avon River to walk the dog !!
paul and helen
DineOut VIP
8th May 2015
had my dog at the outside area at pomeroys in the past, dont know if its still ok. will have to take him back there one day and see if people avoid me like last time
16th May 2015
Thank you so much everyone, Christchurch is such an ever-changing place at the moment it's great to have some up to date info! I look forward to trying out some of the suggestions - especially White House Black! WHB is an excellent restaurant, highly recommend!
DineOut VIP
16th May 2015
Beach cafe is a must on a nice sunny day. Most of the wait staff seem to be animal lovers and stop to say hello to our four legged friends. My boy loves going their because the last page of the menu has a few tasty choices for him to select from too. After a nice snack and a time to socialise he then expects for a wee romp on the beach. Only thing to bear in mind is that on beautiful days, car parking and tables outside can be tricky to secure.
My boy has been welcomed at a number of places, it just pays to ask. From memory Under the New Red Veranda is welcoming.
19th May 2015
Astrolounge behind Cook'n with Gas.
Girls Night Out
DineOut VIP
22nd May 2015
Paige and I will have to check out Astrolounge smile :-)
26th Feb 2016
Such a shame DineOut is shutting down sad :( I've got a few more dog-friendly restaurants so I might as well add them for the short time DineOut remains...

White House Black
Beach Café
Antigua Boatshed Café
The Old Vicarage
The Bicycle Thief
Coffee Culture in Sumner (unsure about others)

Warehi Britton
29th Feb 2016
Absolutely ridiculous. The last thing I want to see at a restaurant is a dog.
DineOut VIP
22nd Mar 2016
I have never encountered dogs in a Christchurch cafe or restaurant, and I think it is our loss! [We currently have a cat...I'd love to have a dog, but our cat might eat him!] One of the most endearing dining experiences I ever had was in Paris, about 15 years ago, when my husband and I went out to a pretty nice, not posh, but nice, restaurant for the evening (a roast duck sort of place, but wow do I remember the profiteroles!) and the most charming thing about the place was the big table of 10 or so on the other side of the room, and the humans were accompanied by a well behaved large poodle, that sat and watched, and nudged elbows gently, and was fed little bits of things by humans who clearly adored the beastie. Dwell in harmony with our fellow living beings! Of course some dogs are messy and ill behaved; so are some humans!
Girls Night Out
DineOut VIP
23rd Mar 2016
My Paige would love to go into a restaurant but alas she'd probably wreck havoc wink ;-)

She loves getting pats and isn't shy about going up to complete strangers and asking for pats.

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