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Betsy Blue
26th Jan 2015
we have discovered the takeaway one in the Parklands shopping complex. Tucked in the corner - and yummy. Can't remember its name though
Keep Calm
2nd Mar 2015
Wassup is good.....Burgers are good - fish is ok but their speciality ones are better. Potato fritters are yum. years ago every Sunday used to go to the one in Opawa shops but got a dangerously horrible smelly fish batch right on Christmas - there once and after going there for probably ten years - copped abuse for DARING to complain ONCE....due to not wanting to die! Would never go back. My teenagers have discovered the one on Shakespeare Road/start of Opawa in the shops there by Challenge station - say it is the best chips and fish is great! Have not tried myself but they are pretty fussy
17th Mar 2015
I live in the Waltham / st martins area and I have sampled a LOT around here as I'm very fussy when it comes to fish and chips.

Wassup is terrible imo, was great with the old kiwi owners but fish is now average and chips disgusting. Burgers are average at best. A1 seafoods the one explained above past the challenge is average, chips are good. Opawa seafoods further towards opawa is 4/10 for me. Huntsbury seafoods 6/10 nice fish and plenty of chips.

For fresh fish kumea seafoods on the Waltham rd/Shakespere rd corner is the best. Nice chips and blue cod/gurnard/groper in season is amazing. Still looking for a decent f&c burger place yet. I'm going to try cashmere seafoods at the bottom of dyers pass rd / Colombo st next time.
19th Mar 2015
Good luck with Cashmere Seafoods John. Can`t wait to hear your views big grin :D
19th Mar 2015
Haha I actually stopped before I got there, went to Thorrington fish supply just before the shell on Colombo. Very nice actually 7.5/10. Have read some poor reviews of Cashmere so will try that soon as it's only a little further up the rd.
24th Mar 2015
Can't go past Fresco fisheries in Church Corner, we have been getting fish and chips from here for nearly 15 years, same owners all this time. The shop is always packed so best to put in a phone order. They do crumbed and battered blue cod, gurnard etc. Great fresh fish range too.
29th Mar 2015
Huntsbury are our local and their F+C were very good until they decided to start cutting the fish into wafer thin slices and cover it with masses of batter.
No better than average now so on the lookout for a close alternative.
Kumea were way too greasy when we tried them and never went back.
A few years ago a friend always raved about a wee chippie on Rogers street in Waltham so will try them next time.
7th Apr 2015
Well the hunt continues... Tried Cashmere Seafoods tonight, the one at the bottom of dyers rd by the roundabout. Nice new shop, very clean and tidy, good service too.

Fish was nice and fresh tasting, quite bland in flavour though but still nice. Large sizes and nice crispy batter, the only downside was very oily. Chips were crinkle cut which was nice to see for a change. Chips very nice.

I'd rate this on the same or just slightly better than thorrington. 7.75 to 8/10 for Cashmere.

To the person that posted above about Kumea I would def try it again, their fresh fish is lovely.

As for the Rogers St, been there done that. Wouldnt go back
7th Apr 2015
Oh forgot to add

Cashmere Seafoods

Fish $2.70 each
1 scoop $2.60
18th Apr 2015
If you are out in Halswell, the one on Sparks Road does great chunky fish, and is clean with pleasant service.
Ross Dawson
22nd Aug 2015
to Johnp

Just went to Cashmere Seafoods on cashmere road. Crinkle cut chips were very nice, the fish was omewhat more oily than I would have liked, the portion size was reasonable.

More batter on the fish than I would have liked though. I would give them 7+ shop was clean service very efficient.
Ross Dawson
22nd Aug 2015
When wassup first opened the quality and quantity was hard to beat but since then the place has been few a few owners.

Last time I went there the chips were edible, the mussels were nigh on inedible. But having said that I had been there before that feed and things were pretty good.

Problem is I guess it's not consistent enough for me so haven't been back in a while.

I used to love opawa seafoods in the mall at 120 opawa road, but of late their qnantity's have been dropping, though the quality of the chips is still very good but the fish is wafer thin still nice but not in my opinion value for money anymore.

Rogers street on the last 2 occasions has been good, but they too can be a little variable in their quality depends on whether he or she is doing the cooking I prefer her doing the cooking.
23rd Aug 2015
Tried Rutland st takeaways again..superb fish and crispy non oily chips
burgers are the best around and service with a big smile. My number one choice for F&C.
28th Aug 2015
Next week I'm going to try Ferry Rd fisheries as I hear they have a new shop on Ferry Rd. Its a bit closer than Cashmere for me. Ive heard some good things so look forward to it. Will post up some more thoughts next week
4th Oct 2015
Well finally had Ferry Rd Fisheries (the new one by the woolston shopping centre) Nice newish fit out, large dining / waiting area. Large cabinets showing all the different types of fried foods available. Nice staff and friendly service.

Sadly that's where the positives end for me, 6.30pm on a quiet sunday (4 customers in store) waited 27 mins for 2 fish and 1 chips!! Mosts stores I know would turn that out in under 8 mins. $3 per fish and $3 per scoop. Chips are commercial cut (mr chips or similar) fish is thick but small. Also purchased a "fresh" Groper which was pre crumbed from the window for $5 I shouldn't have bothered. Tasted about 3-4 days old dry and chewy sad :(

Really disappointed, will try burgers next time as hear they are nice

M Harris
27th Jan 2016
Henry's Fish & Chips New Brighton,near the police station. The best fish & chip shop around,if you don't want fancy fish. Nice staff/owners. Has always been fresh and tasty. The chips are the very best i have ever had! The elephant fish is good and a light and crispy batter. Good to see they don't have basa (rubbish fish from Vietnam,that is farmed,fed human wast and has heavy metals etc in it. A lot of shops have it now,basa is cheap,nasty and we should not be eating it in NZ).

[Edited 17th Feb 2016 09:20 PM]
M Harris
29th Jan 2016
Tried "The Pier Fish and Chips" in New Brighton the other day. The fish tasted old and the chips were not very nice. Will never return again. Henry's Fish & Chips is the one i will be going to,for ever !

[Edited 2nd Feb 2016 09:12 PM]
19th May 2017
I can't believe you can still post here but last week I tried Richmond seafoods as recommended earlier. What a great 9/10 and will be my new local. Was fantastic fish and chips!
Girls Night Out
DineOut VIP
26th May 2017
We've been on the lookout for a new one after Dallington Seafood gave us yucky chips for about 4 visits in a row... We tried McGregors - good chips but the fish was awful. We tried three places on Ferry Road - one was quite good but they messed up our order... another one realised they'd messed up our order and fixed it but the first part of our order was stone cold by the time we got home...
Ross Dawson
26th May 2017
I have been going back to the Opawa mall one 120 opawa road his chips are still good and the quantities have picked up somewhat the fish is nice seems fresh and is no longer wafer thin still not quite as good as it was when I first started going there but still better than it had been.
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