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General Discussion | Spat over negative review becomes abusive


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Warehi Britton
8th Nov 2014
Very true Carol. Of course someone could pretend to be using a real name. If you want a great read, get hold of Ruth Reichl's book, Garlic and Sapphires. She was food critic for the New York Times and tells some wonderful stories about restaurants. She is probably the only food writer to go to a restaurant she is reviewing, in disguise. She would go about three times wearing a wig and looking different each time and then once as herself. She would on that occasion, book under her own name so the restaurant would recognise her. It is amazing how badly she was treated often when she was just another punter, particularly in some of New York's up market eateries.
Warehi Britton
8th Nov 2014
Jeff, just for the record it is early afternoon. I have not had any glasses of wine yet. You are right when you say "some people really bite". New Zealanders in the main do not have a sense of humour. It is great fun to wind them up from time to time. It certainly amuses me.
Carol Barrel
8th Nov 2014
Well, that book sounds like it will combine my two favourite hobbies - reading & eating out. smile :)

& we are getting waaay off track here, but a friend of mine eats out a lot & she has on occasion had quite a different experience at restaurants beloved of the professional critics.If their faces are known, of course the restaurant will pull out all the stops!

That's why I like it here - we are ordinary people giving our opinions. smile :)
8th Nov 2014
Wasn't expecting this when I joined Dineout. Real name Sue but all taken. Does this mean I am one of the baddy's or not? Spoose is my hubby's nickname for me. Hope I can still do reviews.
Carol Barrel
8th Nov 2014
Spoose we are just like you - members with an opinion! As far as I'm aware CJD is the only admin, so as long he is ok with your username, you are golden! smile :)
jeff mCcarthy
8th Nov 2014
Carol Barrel/Ann Brown,
You are quite correct on not being able to prove real names.Most people are up front.

Warehi Britton.
Where abouts did you buy that book.Should be great reading.

Spoose /Sue I am sure you would not be a baddy as it is your choice on names but as an interest what is the history behind Spoose.I know I am getting of the original subject but it is your choice to answer.
Looking forward to any good constructive reviews.
Have a good night.
8th Nov 2014
Just a silly rhyming adaptation of Sues. Silly I know.
Warehi Britton
9th Nov 2014
Jeff and Carol (Ann Brown).Yes Ruth Reichl's book Garlic and Sapphires is a great read.
I bought it from for about NZ$15 with free delivery. Other great reads(available from the same source) are Jeffrey Steingarten's two books The Man Who Ate Everything and It Must Have Been Something I Ate. He is the food writer for Vogue magazine. Steingarten is funny, clever, erudite, literate and knows a hell of a lot about food. He is very different from any other food writer that you have ever read. In my view he is the world's greatest. His books are sensational.
jeff mCcarthy
9th Nov 2014
Thanks for the info
9th Nov 2014
Since moving to a small (my home) town, too many people know me and the food is not too flash around here, so using my real name would probably see my food being spat in. Secondly I write for a couple of well known publications and food websites. As a rule I put a positive spin on the eateries I review, however in here I can tell it as it is. One pays the bills the other is merely for fun. Wasn`t offended Jeff. It was just an observation.
jeff mCcarthy
9th Nov 2014
Okay now I understand.
People can be nasty.Some deliberatley and some unintentially.
Keep up your reviews and I will look forward to reading them.
nulli secundus
DineOut VIP
10th Nov 2014
I have nothing to be ashamed of by using a nom de plume but I wish the great detractor jeff McCarthy would at least spell it correctly....? for a man who declared "I will never be on Dine Out again " jeff you are a bit of a wag ! perhaps you yourself should have a nom de plume ? How about something like "Hairy Maclary" or "Dora the Explorer " or maybe "Freddy Feast " or even "Jeffoodie " would be more appropriate ? It's real fun coming up with nom de plumes ! I love the one called "Dining Dog " I think that's cool...and "Spoose" is great news !
C'mon jeff let your imagination go wild man ! turn back the clock and embrace the different , the imaginative and the exciting...after all Dineout is what it's All About !!!!!
Girls Night Out
DineOut VIP
10th Nov 2014
smile :-)
paul and helen
DineOut VIP
10th Nov 2014
i bagsees "bigus dickus" as a nom de plume!
sorry been watching too much monty python
jeff mCcarthy
10th Nov 2014
I do not recall saying I will never be on DineOut again.
I would not recommend advising to be imaginative because as I am replying to your post I am trying to imagine who you are.
Could be nice,could be sensible,could be (no I won't say it).
Your reply is fair enough and I am sure we will talk again.
Mr Shin
DineOut VIP
12th Nov 2015
Scary stuff. There's been some good arguements between customers and diners on this site over the years too.
jeff mCcarthy
13th Nov 2015
Mr Shin,
Where have you been.
Should be more of the above to make this site more entertaining.As long as it not abusive and it is honest and hopefully sensible I will keep looking at it.
To be honest I have not been looking lately as some of the reviews especially from the fairer sex are ridiculous but every one has an opinion..
Enjoy your day.
DineOut VIP
15th Nov 2015
I will say flat out that I strongly object to DineOut having a lot of "blog style" reviews that address the reviewer and not the restaurant. I do not like to be abused online, and if I am, I generally retreat from the discussion. The above remarks about women reviewers are insulting and absurd. What does he mean by abusive? I think implying that women cannot give good reviews is absurd -- and how does he know who is female or male?
Come on, everyone, can we write in reviews for places we eat at, and give our honest views and not indulge in crap?
After all, there are so many, so many, places online and elsewhere where we can regurgitate crap.
jeff mCcarthy
16th Nov 2015
Tsk Tsk,
I wondered who would come out of the woodwork so soon.
I intentionally did not mention male or female because now days it is hard to know.So pls don't jump to conclusions.
You are either of the above and as for me being abusive?
Look,all the above is a little bit of fun and I knew some one would get Hissy Hissy and mjh you are the one.
15th Dec 2015
See my review and the comment directed to Peter Calder, writing for the NZ Herald about Chikos, Auckland.
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