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General Discussion | Spat over negative review becomes abusive


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Danni Meow
3rd Nov 2014
Boo thats a bit harsh dont ya think? My reviews are valid and I dont use my real name! If I have a really bad experience somewhere I contact the place directly and personally using my real name etc as well as posting a review, but on here I dont think I should have too!
The likes of this character (Mr Ayers) in the story contacting me personally because he feels the need to take "justice" into his own hands is not something I care for.

Online bullying is a nasty business and it can hurt a lot of people. Some people are just not aware of the hurt their words can have.
Carol Barrel
3rd Nov 2014
Well if Mr Eats & Mr Britton are comfortable doing the reviews in their real name thats cool. big grin :D
DineOut VIP
4th Nov 2014
I used to have my real name on here but felt threatened by a terrible owner of a restaurant I reviewed. Restaurant has now closed. I feel comfortable hiding. You make some valid points SC smile :-)
4th Nov 2014
Whilst I completely agree re online bullying and the damage it can cause, that damage can work both ways. The fact that the reviews can be anonymous can lead to false reviews by disgruntled competitors of restaurants and distrust of first time reviewers (everyone is a first time reviewer sometime!). I do think using real names might mean reviewers are more accountable for their reviews - and I see that is the way the review feature works in other places. I did not initially put my real name as it does not seem to be the norm on this site although agree with SC, if there was a major issue, I would deal with it at the time so the restaurant can rectify it then and there rather than keeping quiet and slamming them online. Still, this is no justification for someone aggressively pursuing a reviewer. There was an interesting article I saw recently in the Press (Christchurch) I think which said reviewers need to take care that their reviews do reflect an honest experience for fear of libel claims. Interesting angle to reviews.
Danni Meow
5th Nov 2014
I totally agree SB2! It does make me skeptical when a first time reviewer places a really terrible review and that sucks because I know I was once one too, in a way I still am! Sometimes I will wait until they review another couple of places before I take what they say as something serious.

It really disappoints me that other places would do this to one another, the bitchiness of it reminds me of the girls boarding school I went too!! So what if you have some competition, doesn't that make being amazing even better? To know you have out performed everyone else?
I always find the personal attacks in a review a bit of a low blow too, when totally singling out someone. It then makes it look like maybe it was more personal than a really bad place.

I guess at the end of the day a lot of people have forgotten how to shout out about what they love and focus more on what they hate! I would always rather post a raving review than a sad panda one. I wish more people would thank places for the good times they had instead of waiting for a moment to pounce when they do something wrong.
jeff mCcarthy
6th Nov 2014
I agree with Warehi on reviewers using there own name.No hiding behind names like say Dining Dog etc.
Personally I do not care what other people think about my reviews and my good name.Nothing to be ashamed of.
Danni Meow
6th Nov 2014
I have nothing to be ashamed of what when people are going to take these kind of measures to bully someone over it I am glad I do not use my own name.
jeff mCcarthy
6th Nov 2014
You would have to agree that this type of bullying would be a one off.You come across as being quite sensitive and that's okay and it is your choice.Keep up your reviews.
Danni Meow
6th Nov 2014
And you come across rather rude!
Paul Vallance
6th Nov 2014
Play nicely children lol
jeff mCcarthy
6th Nov 2014
And here I am trying to be friendly
6th Nov 2014
So you singled out my handle jeff in the name of friendliness?
jeff mCcarthy
6th Nov 2014
Thought you might reply.
No offence but Dining-Dog is unusual and I was trying to be friendly to Sirens Call.I could have said Nulli Secundas but yours is easier to print after a glass of wine or two.
Danni Meow
7th Nov 2014
I think it would have been "friendlier" to not have singled out anyone nor decide if some is "sensitive" or not. Maybe don't post after a few wines and this would be clearer.
Dining-Dog I think your name is funny!!
jeff mCcarthy
7th Nov 2014
1-2 wines is not a few You are sensitive otherwise you would not be posting the above..
Danni Meow
7th Nov 2014
Yeah I am sticking with my rude comment. You are a waste of time and energy.
jeff mCcarthy
7th Nov 2014
Now you admit that you are Rude Sensitive and now abusive.
People like you have no place on Dineout.
Warehi Britton
7th Nov 2014
Jeff I agree with you. Don't take the slightest notice of Sirens Call or Dining Dog. They are overtly "sensitive". If they really believed in themselves they would use their names and not hide behind them, to have a crack at up front people like you. In simple terms both are a joke.
jeff mCcarthy
7th Nov 2014
What they both say is no bother to me.
The main thing in any discussion on DineOut is not get abusive when most things on my part are mostly said in jest.
Geez don't some people really bite.
Just had two glasses of wine not a few.
Enjoy your night
Carol Barrel
8th Nov 2014
& just with the "real names" thing - how do you prove someone is using their real name? I could call myself Ann Brown. How are you going to prove thats not my real name?

Also I'm from a small town. If I used my real name I might get better service so it may not be an authentic experience. Hmmmm... that might be a good thing! big grin :D

I've been lucky. I haven't had an experience worse than disappointing since joining Dineout. If we ever start a thread for a trip down Memory Lane though...
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